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April 17, 2020

Modi government makes big decision on sale of Gutkha, tobacco, alcohol, Learn details

Modi government makes big decision on sale of Gutkha, tobacco, alcohol, Learn details : Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the lockdown to be extended till May 3.

New Delhi: The lockdown has been extended for the second time by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for 19 days, which means a lockdown was announced till May 3. Since then the Union Home Ministry has announced guidelines. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that after April 20, concessions will be given in many areas. For which the Home Ministry has announced guidelines. According to the guidelines, the sale of alcohol, gutkha and tobacco has been completely banned. The guide lines clearly state that spitting in public places can also lead to punishment and penalties. According to the guidelines, people are required to wear masks.

According to the guidelines, five or more people are also banned from attending any institution or public place. Those involved in workplace and transport services have also been entrusted with the responsibility of complying with social distancing. People have also been asked to maintain an hour-long gap in their work place during two shifts in the workplace. According to the guidelines, employees who have children under the age of five or an elderly person should be provided with a work from home. All organizations have been told that the office should be sanitized after the shift is over.

In addition to this, all employees should use thermal screening and sanitizer during their over-fever. It has been said to keep distance even at lunch time. The guide lines say that all types of flights, except cargo, will be completely closed. In this way all public transport services have also been banned. Auto rickshaws, taxi and cab services will also be closed.

Guidelines have also been ordered to block social groups. Religious venues have also been banned from any planning or ceremony. Excluding medical emergencies, people have been banned from moving from one district to another
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April 16, 2020

Gujarat has made great strides towards finding Corona vaccine, making it the only state in the country

There has been an important breakthrough in finding corona virus vaccine in Gujarat.

After the production of ventilators in Rajkot, PPE suite and now Gujarat Biotechnology Research have made an important discovery.
  • Gujarati made important discoveries
  • Tweet from CMO office
  • Another important finding after ventilators
Gujaratis succeeded in making ventilators in Rajkot to fight the corona virus in Gujarat. Gujarat Biotechnology Research has discovered the genome sequence of corona virus which will now facilitate coronary vaccine and drug preparation.

CMO's Twitter Tweet
The official Twitter page of the CM office has been officially provided by CMO Gujarat.

CMO Gujarat

Gujarat is proud of scientists at Gujarat Biotechnology Research Centre (GBRC), the only State Govt laboratory in India that has reported COVID19 whole genome sequence which will be helpful in tracking origin, drug targets, vaccine & association with virulence.

Gujarat is proud of the scientists of the Gujarat Biotechnology Research Center (GBRC), the only state government laboratory in the country to know the entire genome sequence of COVID19 and to detect the origin of the corona virus, to target it, Only useful.
GBRC works to promote research and development in the biotechnology field.

Important Link:
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How To Recover Delated Your Photos, File, Videos. Download This App And Recover Your All File and Photos

We hold photos at every opportunity to preserve our memories. Ever since the cameras arrived, people have been saving their memories in camera. And as time goes by, seeing these photos makes your heart happy again. And now the selfie era has arrived, in which people are mostly interested in taking selfies. There is no chance that the phone's camera turned on and took a 10-15 selfie.

And since the camera came to mobile, the opportunity to put the first photo on every occasion began today. And we make full use of this feature. You keep photos of your whole family, your love or spouse in your mobile. Every photo you save on mobile, from childhood, adolescence, old office, ex girlfriend or boyfriend, or a trip, etc.

Sometimes there is a reason to change Sir Mobile, or sometimes due to some mistake of itself, all the photos of the mobile are deleted. After that, it hurts so much, that so many of your memories are deleted and you can't do anything to save it.
Whenever a required photo is deleted from the mobile, the mind becomes very worried. The brain begins to think how to bring those photos back. So guys, let's say you don't have to worry about that anymore. Because now we're going to tell you a simple trick that will help you get back to your old deleted photos. Let you know that you can recover photos deleted in 2 minutes, years ago.

How can this work be done?
The above question may have popped up in each of you. So, tell me, download an application in which the photos have been deleted from the mobile. You can easily find this app on the Play Store. The name of this app is 'Discdigger'. After downloading it you will get the option to scan the photo. And if you click on it, within a few minutes this app will be able to put all the photos in your mobile in front of you in the pocket.
Now download the photos you want from them. So this way you can download your old photo in minutes by downloading an app. And most importantly, this way you will find deleted photos of your own years.

or information, you can save all your photos on Google Photos to avoid such a problem. This allows you to get your photos back even if you change or steal your mobile. Friends are very important in our lives, so they have to be very preserved. If it is lost, your memories may also be lost.

Tips for keeping photos safe:
Save your photos there by logging in with Gmail ID in your Android mobile.
Also keep all your photos in a memory card or pen drive, so that if you change or steal your phone sometimes you can take your photos back from the memory card or pen drive.
If you back up all your photos, there is nothing to be done to get them back. It won't even bother you and your memories will be safe. Today, with the help of technology, you can ease every difficulty in a pinch.

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    Exam Schedule Announcements by UPSC following Lockdown

    A special meeting of the Commission was held on April 15, 2020 to review the situation arising out of the Corona Virus pandemic.

    In view of the prevailing lockdown restrictions, including social distancing norms, it was decided that dates for all interviews, Examinations and Recruitment Boards, where candidates and advisers are required to travel from all parts of the country, will be reviewed from time to time.  A decision on fresh dates for the remaining Civil Services-2019 Personality Tests will be taken after May, 3, 2020, following the second phase of the lockdown.  Dates for the Civil Services-2020 (Prelim), Engineering Services (Main) and the Geologist Services (Main) Examinations had already been announced.  Any rescheduling in these examinations, if necessitated by the evolving situation, will be notified on the website of the UPSC.  Deferment notices have already been posted for the Combined Medical Services Examination, the Indian Economic Service and the Indian Statistical Service Examination 2020.  Dates for the CAPF Exam 2020 will also be notified on the UPSC website.  The National Defence Academy(NDA-I) Examination has already been postponed till further intimation. A decision on the NDA –II Examination will be posted on June 10, 2020, the scheduled date for its notification.  Any other decision of the Commission in respect of all the Examinations, Interviews and Recruitment Boards will be promptly made available on the Commission’s website.

    The Commission reviewed the harm caused to the national economy by the corona virus pandemic.  Recognizingthe need to conserve financial resources at the national level, the Chairman and Members of the Union Public Service Commission have decided to voluntarily forego 30% of the basic pay received by them from the Commission for a period of one year, with effect from April, 2020.

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    Critical consideration of the government to cut the tide as it is
    Hello friends Hope you are healthy friends Lockdown time has been extended 3 May by the Government. During this time, fun activities will be provided on this blog. In addition to the government information including new circulars issued by the State Government of Gujarat and Government of India, Government of India and Gujarat.
    You will find the most accurate information about new government plans on this blog, as well as all of the education world You will also be able to get new news soon. Friends are currently unable to leave the house due to coronavirus. Prime Minister Modi ji Lok has increased download time by up to 3 May. stay Tuned Daily our site Aapanu Gujarat In addition to the labels we send you, you can easily search for information by label.
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