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March 27, 2020

Ration Card Holders will be given grain, pulses and sugar free from April 1 News by gujarati

As the 21-day lockdown has been announced across the country, the plight of the poor and the daily earners has become miserable. Taking into account the Gujarat government's big decision for such people, from April 1, every ration card holder will be given 3.5 kg of wheat per person, one and half kg of rice while 1 kg of pulses, 1 kg of sugar and 1 kg of salt will be given free of cost to the family.

Distribution of this quantity will be started from the ration card shops. Rupani said the government's announcement would get about 300 million people, out of a family of 60 lakhs, and they would not have to suffer for the necessities of life when they were terminated. 

Rupani also said that the government is also considering providing other assistance to those most affected by the lockdown in the coming days, and it will be announced in the coming days. During the lockdown, urging people to stay in their homes, he said that the state government was taking full care not to disturb the people and there was no shortage of goods so that people could get out of their homes. Regarding the government's decision, the head of the Union of Cheap Cereal Shoppers, Prahlad Modi, said that not to give goods except biometric, but rationing shopkeepers are protesting. He said that shoppers are ready to bill, but if the biometric system is forced to sell goods, it will increase the fear of spreading corona.