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April 7, 2020

Corona Effect : Consideration to be excluded from teachers' summer vacation.


21 days lockdown has been announced all over India including Gujarat. Due to this 21-day lockdown, teachers from all over the state do not go to primary and high schools in view of the government circular. Due to which there is no educational or administrative work of any kind in schools and high schools. At present, schools and high schools have a vacation-like situation due to academic and administrative outages.

School ane Collage fari sharu karva ange na news

Decision to resume school - colleges will be taken on April 14: HRD Minister, New Delhi.

School colleges are closed nationwide until April 14 following a lockdown. In this case board exams of several states including CBSE and ICSE were also postponed. Regarding when the schools and colleges will be started free after the lockdown, Union Minister Ramesh Pokharyalanashink said the government will take a decision on the situation after the lockdown opens on the 14th. Due to the increasing outbreak of Corona, all professional and competitive exams across the country have also been postponed. At the same time, CBSE and Madhya Pradesh Board will hold the 10th and 12th standard exams, canceling all the standard exams and giving promotion to the students.