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April 16, 2020

Learn full details of what will be open and closed during lockdown

Learn full details of what will be open and closed during lockdown : The lockdown has been extended till May 3 in view of rising cases of corona virus in the country. The central government on Wednesday announced a new guideline. It states what will be open and what will be closed in this second phase lockdown. According to the guidelines , preparing food and pharmaceutical industries will be open to all. Apart from this, it has been said that some other activities may also be exempted after April 20.

What will be open in Lockdown 2 ?
Required services are excluded from the second phase lockdown. These include eateries , health workers (doctors , nursing staff) , cleaning workers , media persons , security personnel (police , security forces).
In some states , farmers and those associated with the agricultural sector are allowed to carry their produce to local congregations. But no order has been issued at the national level in this regard.

In addition , diagnostic centers treating all government hospitals or private hospitals , government offices , LPG agencies , petrol pumps , wholesale and retail congregations , pathologies , corona viruses will continue to provide their services.
At the Azadpur Shakmarket in Delhi , merchants have adopted the old-fashioned formula to follow social distance. Traders with Odd Numbers will sell merchandise to the congregation from 6 am to 11 pm every morning, and Even with numbered 2 to 6 pm in the Shakmarket.
Trucks carrying and carrying goods are also exempted from this lockdown.
Those who are not content to live in the zone , they may go out of the house to get the necessities of life. In such a situation , the person concerned has to follow social distance. Apart from this , the important thing is that it may have to take one person household goods.
Banks and ATMs will be open.
Along with this , insurance companies will also do their job.
What will be closed in Lockdown 2 ?
All passenger trains , special trains , premium trains will be closed. Domestic and international flights will also be closed until May 3. Public transport such as buses , metro and share cabs will not be able to provide services until the lockdown is over.
AC buses which are not in the list issued by the government of the state government , it will not run. These include luxury buses.
All public places like gyms , swimming pools , movie theaters , shopping malls , multiplexes , parks , markets will be closed.
Religious places are very crowded , so they will be closed for social distance as well.
People in the public sphere of the containment zone are not allowed outside their homes. The goods will be delivered via home delivery.
All educational and training institutions will also be closed.
In the event of funeral, etc. , no more than 20 people can be gathered at a time.
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In some factories , agricultural companies , the pharmaceutical industry that the non-hotspot areas , can get them discounts.
Dhabas , truck repair shops built on the highway may also be opened after April 20.