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April 13, 2020

The education department has taken a big decision in the middle of the coroner's corner in Gujarat

The education department has taken a big decision amidst the outbreak of corona virus in Gujarat. Currently there is bad news for students of Class-10 and 12, which may delay the results of board exams this year. As per the decision taken by the Education Department from Gandhinagar, where further instruction is not available Until now, the work of central evaluation centers has been suspended.

As per the information received, DS Patel, Secretary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, has released a paper and informed the Director of the Evaluation Center about the decision. Earlier, the evaluation of the paper was suspended from 21-3-2020 to 31-3-2020. However, now next It has been ordered to postpone the operation until further notice.

The education department has made a big decision in the wake of the government lockdown. At the same time, the government closed the assessment centers and did not cause any damage to the centers by fire, water, occupation etc. It is also ordered to have the necessary police protection to ensure that this happens.